Big Mobility

Big Mobility

Big Mobility refers to our perspective of the constantly evolving digital ecosystem that is built on wireless networks. In our opinion, the major components of this ecosystem include:

  • Networks (cellular, wifi, wimax, etc)
  • Devices and Platforms (handsets, wearables, operating systems eg iOS and Android, etc)
  • Content, Services and Applications (games, songs, apps, news, etc)
  • Billing and Payment (telco, NFC, MPOS, virtual wallet, credit card, etc)
  • Data and Analytics

The Big Mobility ecosystem can also be characterized in terms of:

  • Diversity
  • Ubiquity
  • Convergence
  • Expanding Utility

of platforms, devices, content, networks, connectivity and services.

Big Mobility Ecosystem


All signs indicate that the Digital Economy will continue its current path of exponential growth. We expect Big Mobility to be the key factor in bringing the Digital Economy to over 600 million people in the emerging markets of South East Asia. iSentric is well positioned and fully prepared to capitalize on this paradigm, and we fully intend to be a key regional player in the provisioning of strategic content, services and solutions to create value within the Big Mobility ecosystem, and to expand its reach.

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