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Letter to Shareholders - ASX 2017 Final Dividend

30 September 2017

Dear ASX Shareholder
On 17 August 2017, ASX Limited (ASX) announced its full-year results for the 12 months to 30 June 2017 (FY17). It was a solid performance, with revenue levels higher across most major areas of the business, and good progress made on our strategic initiatives.
Operating revenue grew by 2.4% to $764.1 million, an increase of $17.8 million, and profit after tax rose 1.9% to $434.1 million, an increase of $7.9 million.
The result was underpinned by growth in trading activity, due in part to global economic uncertainty and pockets of volatility. The daily average value traded on ASX's equity market rose 2.3% to $4.3 billion and the number of futures contracts traded increased 4.5% to over 556,300 per day. There were significantly more new listings in FY17, rising to 152 from 124 last year – the most in six years – including many foreign and technology companies. The total amount of capital raised, however, was lower, down 28.8% to $56.0 billion


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