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ASX Group Dealing Policy

30 September 2017

All ASX employees, and their connected persons, with the exception of those groups listed in Clause 9, may deal in Securities only with prior clearance. These Dealing Rules clarify and set out the extent of these obligations.
1.What do these Rules do?
*Protect you against contravening Australia's laws on insider trading.
*Make you aware of the restrictions under the law.
*Establish a best practice procedure for dealing in Securities.

2.Who must comply with these Rules?
*All ASX employees, including fixed term and contractors and ASX Group directors (you).
*Your spouse, de facto partner or any children residing with you, and companies, trusts, self-managed and othersuper funds and entities which are controlled by you or these persons (collectively, your Connected Persons).

3.What dealings in Securities by ASX employees are covered under this policy?
*Any financial product quoted on an Australian financial market – includes any shares, debentures, managedinvestment schemes, warrants, AQUA products, futures, options or derivatives.
*Any financial product with a value derived from a Security quoted on an Australian financial market. This includesdual-listed shares and international shares quoted on an Australian financial market.
*Securities on the Restricted List.


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