Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Application Development and Migration Services

About 90% of all applications developed today are cloud-based. The magic word being 'cheap'. Cheaper and faster to build, run and get to market.

Most organizations still do have some sort of in-house IT infrastructure some big and others not so big. – servers, network gear, the housing, cooling and power backups to go with it. In-house IT works are best if you have a predictable, constant/nearly consistent, even traffic to your servers. Such scenarios are pretty uncommon. Nearly every application we've built has periodic spikes in traffic. The ideal case where those expensive servers are most productive is to have them running full time flat-out. But let's say your traffic has exceeded the current capacity of your servers. What now? Get more IT or move to cloud?

Well first off congratulations on getting here. You've outgrown your IT. Secondly, you have many choices.

There can be many reasons to consider Cloud migration or Hybrid deployment.

Infrastructure obsolescence, saturation, geographical availability, data redundancy, security & reliability, warehousing to name a few. What we are discussing as a case of 'saturation' is just one of them.

You can say, decide your IT is not cost effective anymore and want to move to the cloud or have the cloud complement your existing IT.

In the first case, you can effectively Migrate your application to the cloud without having any dependence on your in-house servers. While in the later stages your servers might run optimally while any load above that and any traffic fluctuations are handled by the cloud.

Does the decision depend on what I run on my servers?

For the most part you should be OK. Cloud providers do have a crowd of managed services and hosted software. These are but layers of abstraction on the one of the basic services – server instances and network configuration. The decision is more 'Do I buy a SAAS from my cloud' or 'Go with the basic and run my own'.

There are multiple ways in which a cloud migration or a hybrid deployment can be executed. There are as many scenarios as there are business requirements and each one is different.

The iSentric. handles the hot cloud migration with zero downtime. Our agile methodology provides a fast and reliable way to setting up a cloud-based application development, testing env and to parallel and gradually replicate on-site data and application to the cloud.

Hybrid deployments tend to play strengths of each player. If your servers are better at number crunching or data handling, they would be so delegated. Or you may choose to have sensitive data to be stored in-house and have the rest of the service cloud-based.

It is our job to design and set up a seamless and secure interaction between on site and off site resources to the effect that there is no noticeable change to the end users.


So how to go ahead with it?

We'd start with a detailed analysis of your business requirements, your data and system security policies, disaster recovery policy, your application, its bottlenecks, what your hardware is good at, and what problems you'd like to alleviate.

We can then start to design a plan to migrate or share services in a vendor agnostic hosting of data in either secure private clouds or publicly accessible virtual private network.

Once your development, deployment scaffolding and environments have been set up, scalable infrastructure is provisioned, then we can start moving the selected data and services with zero down time on the applications end.

Our migration services come default with architecture designed to meet your performance, security, and availability requirements including reports, alarm triggers, issue tracking logs, disaster recovery and analytics built-in.

  • Microsoft Azure
    • Our industry-proven solutions for Microsoft Azure can help you at all stages of your cloud maturity and application lifecycle.
      • Assessment and Planning
      • Azure Installation and Configuration
      • Migration to MS Azure
      • Azure Customization and Branding
      • Custom Azure Development
  • Amazon Web Services & Alibaba Cloud
    • We provide you the fastest time to value with AWS / Alicloud , whether it's migrating you to AWS / Alicloud for the first time, providing 24×7 support or more.
      • AWS / Alicloud Strategy & Consulting
      • Managed AWS / Alicloudoperations
      • Automation & optimization
      • Enterprise Data Platform
  • Google Cloud Platform
    • Whether it's cloud operations, automation or data and analytics, we can help you achieve your cloud vision on Google Cloud Platform.
      • GCP Strategy & Consulting
      • Managed GCP operations
      • Enterprise Data Platform
      • Migration to Google Cloud Platform



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