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ASX Ltd Full-Year Results Analyst Presentation

22 August 2017

•Replaced proprietary SYCOM platform introduced in the late 1990s
•Significant testing and preparation with close customer collaboration
•Approximately 50 ASX participants plus 30 other customers
–Broad range of global data vendors and software providers
–120 customer applications supported through conformance
–Over 820 users connected
•Legacy systems rationalised
–7 systems, comprising 17 separate applications, decommissioned
–20 databases across multiple environments eliminated
•Richer functionality and technical enhancements
–Real-time platform and user interface monitoring
–Improved latency
–Enhanced pre-trade risk management
–Customers able to manage own trading limits
–Faster resolution of customer issues
•Smooth go-live with positive customer feedback
–Improved capacity and functionality particularly around contract roll


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