Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Banks today need a brand new and advanced digital financial services platform to allow them to swiftly provide up-to-date services to their customers according to the rapidly changing technology landscape, market needs and business growth. In order to satisfy this need, it is necessary for the banks to have flexible, robust and functions-rich internal information system architecture to allow rapid application development across platforms, integration with enterprise systems and scalable architecture.

iSentric's IOU Pay Digital Banking Platform is built on open standards technologies - Enterprise Java, HTML5, JavaScript, XML. It provides ready-to-use AS (Application Services), and Digital Banking basic architecture to facilitate the development of financial services applications. It can also be interfaced with other backend and middleware systems of banks to develop integrated financial services solutions rapidly and flexibly. The solution has the following characteristics that facilitate banks to integrate internal systems and provide additional services.

  • Omni-channel, Unified Platform
  • Open Standards Architecture
  • Specially Designed for Financial Institution Environment
  • Multi Tier Solution Architecture
  • Using Configurable Settings Rather Than Relying on Program Changes
  • Composed of Services Elements
  • Flexible Integration Interface

Retail Internet Banking

Retail Internet Banking solution has been developed with complete features and functions, and follows international standards in the banking industry:

  • Handle multiple and different types of bank accounts, and including credit card accounts
  • Handle multiple currencies
  • Separate of combined system for Credit Cards
  • Full audit trail, with unique reference numbers for every transaction
  • Developed with proper application security standards – audited by credible third parties
  • Scalable to handle large number of transactions
  • Funds transfers, bill payments, mobile reloads
  • Integrated OTP and 2FA solution or integrate to external solution

Cash Management System

Cash Management has been developed with complete features and functions, and follows international standards in the banking industry

  • Tier-based user management: Maker, Checker and Approver
  • Handle multiple and different types of bank accounts; multiple currencies; and dual language
  • Single, multiple and bulk payroll, payments and transfers functions
  • Liquidity Management & Notional Pooling (optional) functions
  • Multi-layered payment/transfer approvals through specified Signatory Relationship

Mobile Banking

Integrated or standalone mobile banking solution for retail banking and cash management.

  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry
  • Highly secure and scalable
  • Customisable user experience and multilingual interface
  • Geolocation enabled with augmented reality
  • Mobile security, mobile payments, mobile messaging