Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)

Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)

iSentric Mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) is a model that enable enterprise quickly integrate mobile apps data and function in security-rich, backend, cloud storage. It is a great platform that designed for building and enhancing multiplatform, enterprise-grade apps that can be native or hybrid – for Android, iOS, and Windows. iSentric MBaaS service also provide full data synchronization, user management, push notifications, integration with social network services and file-handling.

Enterprise can leverage MBaaS to incorporate specific capabilities to deliver richer user experience such as location services and content-management with the ability to run business logic and collect real-time performance and usage analytics. The analytics information can help enterprise discover groundbreaking insights from user experiences and learn customer behavior using the apps, ensure enterprise fixing the right problems, optimizing the right actions and keep enterprise apps in a security-rich environment.

The process to create often-used services like push notifications, data storage, security, and integration with back-end and cloud services can be time- and cost-consuming. Also, having APIs that must be individually incorporated into an app is lack of scalability in future. Our MBaaS platform can help to solve the problem above by providing a bridge between frontend application and backend resources, via a unified API and SDK. Development resources and expenses are saved by minimizing the time invested in building infrastructural elements, and then the scaling is handled for enterprise specification. Beside, secure APIs for native iOS, native Android, hybrid apps, web apps and node.js client for custom backend services can easily create and implement.

Additional detail about some iSentric MBaaS services:

  • Mobile Data Service – Includes SQL or NoSQL database, file storage capabilities, and appropriate management and analytics features to measure the number of calls, storage usage, time/activity, and OS distribution.
  • Push Notifications – Target push notification to particular devices and time can easily manage by enterprise to send via Apple APNS or Google GCM platforms, all handle with a single API. Notification can be configure to send by either an app or backend system with different criteria. Also it will have appropriate analytics for monitoring activity, distribution, and engagement.
  • Mobile Application Security – The mobile application security service enables enterprise to provision or block any devices and/or users using the application, provides user authentication, and provides analytics for app/device usage, OS distribution, and time/activity.