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ASX Compliance Monthly Activity Report - May 2016

29 June 2016

New listings for the month were Afterpay Holdings Limited (AFY), Crusade ABS Series 2016-1 Trust (CU1), Driver Australia Three Trust (DAE), Medallion Trust Series 2015-2 (MZC), PUMA Series 2015-3 (PUV), Redbubble Limited (RBL), Shark Mitigation Systems Ltd (SM8), SMART ABS Series 2015-2 Trust (SMT), Tegel Group Holdings Limited (TGH) and WAM Leaders Limited (WLE).
De-listings for the month were APOLLO Series 2007-1E Trust (AOY), Colorpak Limited (CKL), Mongolian Resource Corporation Ltd (MUB), New Zealand Oil & Gas Limited (NZO), Phillips River Mining Limited (PRH), PUMA Masterfund S-7 (PUS), Recall Holdings Limited (REC), Scentre Group Trust 1, Scentre Group Trust 2 (SCA) and Vicinity Centres Trust (VCD).


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