ICU Rights Prospectus

10 January 2017

As announced on 22 December 2016, iSentric Limited (ACN 091 192 871) (the Company or iSentric) intends to raise approimately $2,035,556 before costs, through the issue of up to 33,925,926 New Shares at an issue price of 6 cents ($0.06) per New Share. Pursuant to this Prospectus, the company makes the following Offer:

A pro rata, non-renounceable rights issue of one (1) New Share at an issue price of 6 cents ($0.06) for every four (4) Shares held at the Record Date and subscribed for, to raise approcinately $2,035,556 before issue costs and one (1) free attaching option havin and exercise price of 9 cents ($0.09) and expiry date of 31 January 2018 ("New Option") for every one (1) New Share purchased ("the offer" or "the Risghts Issue".)


24 July 2014



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