ICU Rights Prospectus

10 January 2017

As announced on 22 December 2016, iSentric Limited (ACN 091 192 871) (the Company or iSentric) intends to raise approimately $2,035,556 before costs, through the issue of up to 33,925,926 New Shares at an issue price of 6 cents ($0.06) per New Share. Pursuant to this Prospectus, the company makes the following Offer:

A pro rata, non-renounceable rights issue of one (1) New Share at an issue price of 6 cents ($0.06) for every four (4) Shares held at the Record Date and subscribed for, to raise approcinately $2,035,556 before issue costs and one (1) free attaching option havin and exercise price of 9 cents ($0.09) and expiry date of 31 January 2018 ("New Option") for every one (1) New Share purchased ("the offer" or "the Risghts Issue".)

The Offer is not underwritten. New Shares and New Options not subscribed for under the Entitlement Offer will form the Shortfall. Furhter details of the Offers are set out in Section 1 of this Prospectus.

New Shares offered under this Prospectus are fully paid in the Company and will rank equally with existing Shares. The rights attaching to New Shares and New Options are described in Section 5 of this Prospectus.



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